35 Tried, Tested And True Recipes, Proven Tips And Strategies To Balance Your Blood Sugars Every Day!
By Having The 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan In Your Kitchen, You Can STOP WORRYING NOW About What To Eat, How Much To Enjoy, What To Avoid And What You Can Indulge In!  In Fact, The 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan Has Recipes That Are DESIGNED To Balance Your Blood Sugars Meal After Meal, Snack After Snack!  And, You Can Mix And Match Recipes To Create A Variety Of Ongoing Weekly Meal Plans! 
What's Included In Your 7 Day Diabetes Meal Plan Package
Holistic Diabetes-Friendly Meals, Snacks And Desserts For A WHOLE Week (Mix and Match To Create A Variety of Weekly Plans!)
A COMPLETE And Organized
Shopping List To Make Planning Super Easy For You
The Trusted Diabetes Journal Where You Can Learn What Balances Your Blood Sugars Best And A Video To Show You Why This Is Critical For Your Health!
5 DIVINE Diabetes Marinades That Will Have You, Your Family And Your Holiday Guests Drooling!
An Instructional Video That Will Take The Mystery Out of Nutrition Facts Labels For You


“The awareness that you bring is quite amazing. I have several members in my family who are diabetic and I find it much easier to support them and engage in a conversation that’s empowering to them. I have referred many of my friends, family and colleagues to you and they all say the same thing. Blessings for all that you do, Cheryl and thank you so very much!”

Rosa Lokaisingh, CEO/Founder/Business Connector/Community Builder
This Is How To Get Your Health Back On Track!
  •  A good meal includes more of the low GI foods, high fiber foods and loaded with the NECESSARY nutrition values for optimal Diabetes health.
  • Meals are split into portion sizes by food category
  • ​Eat your meals and snacks at regular times each day
  • ​They are easy to prepare and taste amazing to help you keep stress and frustration far and away (one of the best kept secrets of balanced blood sugars!)

The 7-Day Meal Plan Package Is PERFECT FOR YOU If You...

  • Want to shake up your boring, typical meals and explore new flavors that are GOOD FOR YOU!
  • ​Want a FULL WEEK of receipts for breakfast, lunch, snacks and some sweet treats that are designed to balance your blood sugars while still being DECADENT and DELICIOUS!
  • ​Are in need of a Diabetes-friendly meal plan that was assembled by a Diabetes Wellness Strategist, Doctor, Holistic Medicine, and a woman living vibrantly well with Diabetes for nearly 3 DECADES without complications, worry and stress!
  • ​Want to enjoy being in the kitchen again
  • ​Want to eat without feeling deprived
  • ​​Have been hearing more about how natural foods are helping others to balance their blood sugars while reducing or eliminating prescription drugs
  • ​​Have a very busy schedule and don’t have any more time to waste on guesswork!

Diabetes is the one disease you have the MOST control over. That means that the choices you make for your health, including what you eat, makes a MAJOR difference in your overall health and wellness. It’s critical for you to know what you can enjoy more of and what to have less of with Diabetes, and why.

Learning all the things you need to know to optimize your health through your meals can be made even more challenging by the long-standing myths out there like how eating healthier means eating tasteless food.
By knowing the best healthy swaps, how to combine spices and herbs and the myriad of healthy additions, your relationship and outlook with food can be changed forever!

As a Diabetes foodie who LOVES being in the kitchen, I’ve mastered meals and snacks so that they’re nothing less than scrumptious while helping me to maintain balanced blood sugars at least 95% of the time. I’ve proven how you can have predictable, positive HBA1Cs like clockwork for years with scrumptious meals, an open and positive mindset and easy movements.

You most certainly can enjoy your life to the fullest despite Diabetes, including indulging in the foods you love!

Your 7-Day Diabetes Meal Plan Includes This Bonus Pack Valued At $500!
An Exclusive One-On-One Interview with world-renowned health and immunity expert, Dr. Joel Furhman, about science-proven ways that your diet can supercharge your immune system! Learn expert secrets to staying healthy, directly out of his New York Times best-selling book, Super Immunity.
Get my recommended TOP 5 VITAMINS that are essential for people with Pre-Diabetes, Type 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and Type 4 Diabetes to help you enhance your immune system.
You get an additional 5 MOUTH-WATERING SNACK RECIPES that are simple, scrumptious, and can also lower your blood sugars. PLUS get a tip sheet on what you should eat more of in addition to examples of Diabetes-friendly items to have onhand in your kitchen pantry.
Learn why fibre is a MUST-HAVE in your Diabetes meal plan, its big benefits, the different types of fibre, and 9 foods that are low-carb and high-in-fibre. You’re about to have critical tips to integrate in your life now that can really help you to stabilize your blood sugar levels.
If you haven’t been keeping track of your numbers, then you are missing an important key to your Diabetes health. Without knowing what triggers or improves your blood sugars, you’re unable to create a winning self care routine. Get tracking quickly and easily with my Holistic Diabetes Journal. Just print and keep in a handy spot where you can easily record your numbers. Soon you’ll have your unique blueprint to health!
Why I'm Practically Giving It All Away For Free!
I’m on a mission to help you and 10,000,000 people with Diabetes worldwide understand how easy it is to enjoy a complication-free, Diabetes-free lifestyle using holistic (natural) solutions. I’ve been teaching this way of life for over 25 years to my clients, students and to over 1,000 audiences, around the world.

I want to continue the momentum until I reach my goal and beyond! So significantly reducing the price of the meal plan package makes it more within reach for so many more people!


"I am thoroughly enjoying Cheryl’s webinars and online coaching sessions. I am learning so many practical tips that I am incorporating into my everyday routines. I am impressed and inspired by Cheryl’s passion to help others and her natural ability to educate and connect with people.”

Karen Carter

Fall In Love With Food & Enjoy Your Time In The Kitchen Again! Let’s Do This!

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